The 13th African Wildlife Consultative Forum


The 13th African Wildlife Consultative Forum has been conducted from 2-7 November 2014 in Hawassa at Haile Resort.
The forum brought together directors general and officials in the wildlife institute of south Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Ethiopia and Cameroon.
Besides, United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), European Union, Ethiopian Professional Hunters Association, Namibia Professional Hunters Association, operators and professional Hunters Associations of Southern Africa, Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, Association of Mozambique Safari Operators, Zambia Lion Project, South Wick Associates, CITES Secretariat, IUCN/SSC - Africa Elephant Specialist Group and Safari Club International Foundation have also took part in the forum.
The forum was officially opened by Her Excellency W/ro Tadelech Dalecho. In her speech, she said that the forum would be important to exchange views and share experience among African Nations. (See the full text of the speech at the end of this news)

Earlier, His Excellency Ato Dawud Mumee Director General of The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has made a welcoming speech to the guests there in. In his remark, he said that the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority is very satisfied as it has organized such a grand forum to discuss the African Wildlife issues.
In its working session, the forum has discussed the 19 papers focusing on wildlife issues that have been presented by concerned bodies.
In addition, participating countries of Africa have presented their annual report.
The forum has also ratified the minutes of the previous forum which was held in Zambia, Zambezi. The forum has also decided South Africa to host the next forum.
In his closing remark to the gathering, His Excellency Ato Dawud Mumee thanked the Safari Club International Foundation for organizing the 13th African Wildlife Consultative Forum.
He also extended his gratefulness to all bodies that have discharged their responsibilities for the success of the forum.

Opening Statement by State Minister of Culture and Tourism, Her Excellency W/ro. Tadelech Dalecho to the 13th African Wildlife Consultative Forum
2-7 November 2014
Haile Resort
Hawassa, Ethiopia

  • The Director General of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority
  • Director Generals and representatives of conservation agencies of participating countries
  • President of Safari Club International Foundation(SCIF)
  • The Safari Club International Foundation Chairperson
  • Members of the professional hunters associations,
  • Distinguished guests and collaborators
  • Ladies and gentlemen
It is a great pleasure and honor for me as a state minister of culture and tourism, to welcome you to the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia particularly to one of the fast growing cities of the country, Hawassa and the 13th African Wildlife Consultative Forum.
Distinguished participants;
We are coming together here to share our experiences, to identify the challenges we faced in terms of wildlife conservation, to discuss on the prospective measures to be taken and suggest mechanisms that may be employed in the continent by learning from each other's experience and from remarks of members of our partners.
Ethiopia, as you may know is a country gifted with diverse wildlife species and many endemic mammals and birds.
Having recognized the value of the wildlife resources of the country, the government of the FDRE has issued policies and strategies a decade ago with a view to enhance conservation of wildlife and sustainable utilization. It has also approved a law providing for the development, conservation and utilization of wildlife in 2007.
Particularly, the policy stresses the importance of community based development and protection of wildlife and their habitat and the transfer of 85% the revenue collected from trophy hunting to concerned regions.
The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority is a government body established as a part of the implementation of the above noted laws. Currently, the authority supervises 47 protected areas of which 20 of them are hunting concession, is endeavoring to create safer habitat for the wildlife.
Even though a lot of progress has been achieved after the implementation of the policy and associated laws, there has been many problems with regard to poaching and wildlife product trafficking.
I believe that similar problems have been encountered in other African countries too.
That may of you have traveled long distances to attend the forum and that the organizing committee has worked tirelessly to get all of you here reminds us how important our work is.
Together, we can enhance recommendations and programs that aimed at the development, protection and sustainable utilization of our wildlife.
Therefore, I am hopeful that participants will actively participate in the discussion of all the agenda tabled for discussion and forward important recommendations and strategies that let us combat prevailing illegal activities against our wildlife resources and reduce the looming threat facing the sector.
I would like to express gratefulness to the SCIF for its great efforts to bring us together. I also want to thank the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority for hosting the forum. Also I want to express appreciation for Ethiopian Professional Hunters Association for its multifaceted assistance.
Finally, expressing that the forum is officially opened, I urge all of you to make active participation and wish you a success in your deliberations.
Thank you