Authority Discuss With Stakeholders

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has discussed with stakeholders working in the sector.
The discussions which were conducted for two consecutive days were chaired by Ato Dawud Mumme, Authority’s Director General,
On 26, December 2015, discussion was held with heads of the wildlife and tourism sector of Ormoia, Southern Nations, Nationalities and peoples and that of Amhara states.
During the discussion, Participants have raised the various problems encountering the sector and forwarded   measures to be taken to resolve problems.
In this regard, the wildlife utilization directive issued by the Authority has got various gaps, participants said, and indicated that the gaps should be filled so as to work collaboratively to realize the national vision.
They have also urged the authority to work towards revising the proclamation to provide for the conservation and utilization of the wildlife resources and the associated regulation.
At the end of the discussion, Ato Dawud urged participants to submit until January 3, the important points, that they believe, should be incorporated in the directive to be revised.
In the meeting held with tour, travel and professional hunting  agencies, on 25 December, participants demanded the inclusion of some new articles and revising of existing ones with regard to the directive issued on legal hunting.
They also requested the Authority to work closely with them and stand beside them to resolve encountering problems.
The participants, who expressed that they have assisted the development works in areas where they are working, have also shown readiness to work cooperatively with EWCA in the achievement of its plans and realization of its vision.
The Director General who thanked the participants for their attendance and active participation, has expressed readiness of the Authority to extend all assistance in its bound.