Awareness Raising Seminar Provided

The Wildlife and Products Trafficking Control Directorate of the Authority has provided a Seminar on the general duties and activities of the Directorate to employees on 15 December 2015.
The seminar is aimed at raising the awareness of the employees, strengthen internal communications and lets them enable contribute to the efforts being exerted by the directorate.
The seminar was opened by Ato Zerihun Zewdie, Director of the Public Relations and Information Directorate, who was on the stage representing the Director General of the Authority.
In his speech, he said that the seminar is conducted as an outcome of the communications strategy and freedom of Information and access law awareness raising forum and it is a very important step to translate to practice lessons drawn from the training.  
He also expressed that the work of wildlife and their products trafficking is one of the core tasks of the Authority and enables to strengthen internal communication and urged the employees to follow lessons actively.
 In his presentation of the lesson, Wildlife and Products Trafficking Control Directorate Director, Ato Daniel Paulos, elaborated on the definition and meaning of the Wildlife and Products trafficking Control, the necessity of the duties, the activities being carried out by the institution and existing Challenges in the field.
Next to his presentation, Former EWCA employee, who is currently working in the Borne Free Foundation, Ato Fetene Haylu, has provided lessons on the necessity of the work of controlling of wildlife and products trafficking, criminal acts related to the wildlife and environment and that it requires day to day fallow up.