Directorate Urges Researchers to Offer Study Documents to the Authority

The Study and Research Directorate of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has urged researchers in the sector to provide copies of their study results to the Authority.
The Directorate urged   this in a message it sent to the public relations and information Directorate of the Authority.
In the massage, the Directorate called upon all researchers who conduct studies regarding the Ethiopian Wildlife and their habitat to hand over copies of their study documents either to the Authority’s Head Office or to the Secretariat of protected areas where in  the study is conducted.
According to the directorate, 26 studies were conducted during the first 6 months of the current Ethiopian fiscal year, among which 7 were conducted by foreigners and the rest by domestic researchers.
The documents of 8 studies have already been made available to the public so as to be used in resolving problems and as a source of information.