Employees Discuss Draft Ethics Directive

Employees of the Head Office of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority have discussed the draft ethics directive of the Authority on 30th of June 2015.
The purpose of the discussion is to garner supplementary ideas and inputs that would further enrich the document.
The discussion was chaired by Ato Dawud Mumme, Director General of the Authority, who indicated that the ethics Directive is necessary to enable heads and employees of the Authority discharge their duties and responsibilities through good ethical conduct.
At the beginning of the discussion, Ato Ashebir Weyessa, Senior Ethics Officer of the Authority has presented the draft directive to the employees.
The articles of the draft directive, among others, includes the definition of good ethical conduct, the objective of the directive, the expressions of good ethical conduct, the responsibilities of the heads, employees and ethics officer of the authority.
During the discussion session, participants have forwarded remarks, suggestions and questions of clarification on issues such as the relationships and differences between disciplinary directive of civil servants and the ethics directive and the necessity of creating discussion forum for the employees working at protected areas.
Accordingly, Ato Ashebir has given replies on the issues raised by participants.
The half day discussion forum was attended by heads and employees of the Head Office and ethics officers raised from protected areas of the Authority.
At the end of the discussion, it was stated that the draft directive would be enforced after necessary inputs have been included in and the concerned body has approved it.