Ivory Stockpile Disposed

Ethiopia has incinerated 6.1 tones of ivory and ivory-made products seized while being trafficked and traded illegally, over the past three decades.
The stockpile of the ivory and ivory products was disposed at a ceremony conducted on 20th of March 2015 in the Gulele Botanic Garden situated in Addis Ababa.
The fire to burn the ivory was lit by his excellency Ato Demeke Mekonnin, Deputy Prime Minister of the FDRF.
Speaking at the ceremony, He said that Ethiopia has always been keen to work integrated with the international community in the effort to tackle illegal wildlife trafficking and trading.
The Ethiopian government has given due attention particularly to the species of elephants the population of which has came under threat because of illegal poaching he said.
Expressing that the government will continue intensified the act of taking legal measures against individuals involved in illegal poaching wildlife and products trafficking and trading, he indicated the Ceremony of disposing the ivory stockpile government’s readiness to implement international conventions regarding the wale fare of wildlife.

State Minister of culture and Tourism, Her Excellency W/ro Tadelech Dalecho stated that the incineration of the ivory and ivory products stockpile shows governments strong commitment to fight illegal wildlife and products trafficking and trading adding that the government is working strenuously to increase the benefits the country should secure from the sector.
Director-General of the Ethiopian Wildlife conservation Authority Ato Dawud Mummee on his part recalled that Ethiopia has signed the CITES earlier and has been working completely in accordance with the provision of the convention.

The destruction of the ivory stockpile is part of implementing the agreement and it is carried out with the participation of several concerned bodies.
He also indicated that the event can be considered as part of exercising Authority’s values of transparency and accountability.

The overall activities of destroying the ivory have taken 3 days until it has turned to ash. The overall activities were carried out under strong watch of the federal police force.