Legal Affairs Directorate Finalizes the work of Drafting Amendment Provisions

The Legal Affairs Directorate of the Ethiopian Wildlife Authority disclosed that it has completed the work of drafting provisions that would lessen the gaps existing in those laws  enforced regarding wildlife conservation.
According to a massage from the Legal afairs directorate,  draft amendment laws that airned at incorporating some provisions in to proclamation No. 541/2007 (a proclamation to provide for the development, conservation and utilaization of wildlife, proclamation No. 575/2008 ( a proclamation to provide for the establishment of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority) and  regulation No. 163/2008 (a regulation, to provide for wildlife development, conservation and utilization),have been completed.
Currently, the draft proclamations and the draft regulation to amend the respective laws have been submiitted to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was learnt.
Besides, the newly drafted Trust Fund Bill has been finalized and sent to the Ministry.
On the other hand, the directorate has finalized the work of collecting data  to develop draft regulations that lets the Halideghie-Assebot National Park at Federal and the Bejemiz National Park situated in Benshangul Gumuz region at State level.
The Directorate stated that revising existing  laws and enforcing new ones would help to consolidate the activities of development, conservation and utilization of the wildlife.