Meeting Discuss Oral Vaccination Program for Wolves

Meeting Discuss Oral Vaccination Program for  Wolves
A meeting that discussed the implementation of an oral vaccination campaign to protect the Ethiopian wolves from rabies was conducted on 29th September, 2015 in Addis Ababa.
The meeting brought together wildlife conservationists, scientists and experts in the sector so as to exchange views on the mechanisms of implementing the vaccination campaign.
The oral vaccination program is a solution proposed by the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program (EWCP) as an outcome of the study made for long in conjunction with EWCA with the aim of protecting the wolves from rabies, a fatal disease threatening the animal.
According to EWCP, the oral vaccination of Ethiopian Wolves has been endorsed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Canid Specialist Group and the IUCN Wildlife Health Specialist Group.
Professor Claudio Seller, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit Director in the Oxford University and the Director of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program said that oral vaccination program is found to be an effective way to save the wolves found in the Bale National Park from danger of extinction.
He also indicated that, though the oral vaccination is challenging, the outcome is rewarding in that it contributes to prevent rabies infection and the spreading of the virus to livestock, dogs and human beings.
Mean while, Dr. Zelalem Tefera (Born Free Foundation Ethiopia) said the program is an ambitious practical step to salve problems based on the solutions from scientific findings.
Directior General of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, Ato Dawud Mumme said that it is necessary to create conducive situation for the success of the program.
However, he welcomed the new mechanism for saving the world’s rarest wolf from rabies, the program will be implemented after approval has been    received from concerned officials.