Nations, Nationalities Peoples Day

It was not unusual for the precinct of the Ethiopian National Cultural Centre to be congested with people.
However, some of the people gathered there, on 8th of December 2015 were in special clothes dressed in occasionally.
That day, the  gathering worn colorful cultural wearing of the various Ethiopian nations- nationalities - peoples.

The cause behind wearing special clothes is to celebrate colorfully the 10th nations- nationalities-peoples day, in an occassion to be held in the circular based, dome topped Conference Hall of the Centre.

The occasion is historical in that it was carried out in the same Auditorium where in the constitution of the FDRE was approved some 2 decades ago by representatives of the nations, nationalities and peoples of the country .
The day was celebrated by the Authority’s employee along with the employees of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Accountable institutions.
In her opening address to the gathering, the state minister of culture and Tourism, Woizero Taddelech Dalecho, said that  celebrating  the day is the outcome of the constitution of the FDRE, which basically emanates from the sacrifices and concerted- life death struggle of the then Ethiopian youths. She said , as the culture and tourism sector is engaged in those activities directly related to the practices and tourism resources   of   the   various nations-nationalities-peoples, employees in the sector should work hard to deliver up to the standard services.
The state Minister has also presented a paper entitled the constitution of the FDRE and the moves towards building a unit political and economic community.
Thereafter, discussions were made on the points raised in the paper by participants.
.Finally, the state minister extended gratefulness to those that organized the event, take part in the event and the Ethiopian National Cultural Centre for permitting the auditorium.
In the meantime, EWCA’S Director General, Ato Dawud Mumme who was appeared on the stage wearing the cultural clothes and decorations of the Oromo, has been extended appreciations by organizers for his beautiful wearing.  
Mean while, a music band formed by persons with disabilities have tuned sweet songs so as to relax participants.
Participants have enjoyed traditional bread, Kolo and packed water.