Seminar Conducted

Seminar Conducted
The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has provided awareness raising seminar on national Communication Strategy and mass media and access to information law for its leadership and senior officers in the Head Office.
The seminar conducted from 25-26 November 2015 was attended by about 30 participants.
Opening the seminar, Authority’s Director General, Ato Dawud Mamme said that the seminar is very important to enable the Authority discharge its responsibilities effectively thereby disseminate information, through the media, build its image and provide   information to individual enquirers.
During working session, lessons were given on the definition of communication and concepts related to it, the communication strategy of the country and its role in the journey of renaissance, by Ato Hadush Kassu, Director of the communication, media research and capacity building general directorate of the government communication affairs office.
The lesson on the Law of mass media and access to information has been presented by Ato Kahsay Gebrehiwot, Director of the implementation of the law of access to information directorate with the Institute of the ombudsman of the FDRE.
According to participants, the seminar has enabled them to grasp important points on the techniques of communication and access to information law and their duties in the implementation.
Concluding the seminar, Ato Zerihun Zewdie, Director of the Public Relations and Information Directorate of the Authority, expressed that participants have gained better awareness on the roles they should play in implementing the communication strategy and access to information law. He also expressed his hope that better results would be achieved in the future by utilizing the awareness gained and by working integrated with the public Relations and Information Directorate.