Status Survey Conducted

Status Survey Conducted
A month long survey to recognize the status of the wildlife in Gambella National Park, has been conducted from April 2 - May 1, 20015.
The survey is aimed at proposing ways of protecting the wildlife and consolidating the work of development in the park.
In the survey, data has been collected on the status of the key wildlife, the livestock mobilized for grazing and the human activities in the park.
Besides, works of enumerating and collaring has been carried out with regard to the species such as white eared-kob , Nile lechwe, elephant and giraffe so as to fallow up the movement of the species for the following two years.
The assessment was carried out using an air craft and a helicopter that covered altogether a flight of 13,460 km in 89.7 flight hrs.
Currently, the construction of 3 campsites, an airfield and interior park roads has been commenced.
It is also noted that a light aircraft and construction machineries will be procured to consolidate implementation of the program.
During the survey, high level government officials have observed the status of the park from inside an air craft thereby exhibit commitment for the development of the park.
The survey is part of the Biodiversity Management Program to be implemented jointly by the Ethiopian wildlife conservation Authority, the African Parks, the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network and the State of Gambella.