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We are located around Mexcio Square, on Former Coffee and Tea Building. You can check the map fro more information.

About EWCA

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) is a governmental organization under the Ministry of culture & tourism given the authority to undertake conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife in Ethiopia. EWCA works closely with national and International stakeholders on wildlife conservation. It actively participates in different seminars,experience sharing workshops,conferences and other relevant meetings on wildlife coservation,biodiversity,Ecology(ecosystem management),Environmental management & other related topics.

Emperor Menelik II issued the first regulation on Oct 16, 1908 and it had 9 articles strictly forbidden young elephant hunting. The law stated that the sum weight of the trophy of two tusks of hunted elephant should not be less than 17 kilograms. This seems very reasonable because the average weight of the tusks of the bull is 20-45 kilograms.

The first wildlife proclamation was issued in May 29, 1944. Same proclamation number 61/1944 and detail regulation was also endorsed following the proclamation by Ministry of agriculture in 1945.

UNESCO delegation team in 1964 recommended the establishment of wildlife conservation institute and based on this, by order No.54/1969 and 59/1969 Awash National Park and Semien National Park respectively established. Order No.65/ 1970 provided legal establishment of Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Organization (EWCO) and the activities and function of the organization was under the guidance and supervision of a board composed of institutions and individuals. The administration was under the board till 1975.

Following this proclamation, regulation No 416/1972 and 445/1974 were issued by Ministry of Agriculture upon the recommendation of the wildlife conservation board.

The Forest and Wildlife Authority established on September 5,1980 by proclamation No 192/1980.The management of the authority was under a board .

The Convention on the International Trade on Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) ratified by decree 14/1989. The duty and responsibility of the Forest and Wildlife Authority transferred to Ministry of Natural Resources Development and Environmental protection on January 20,1993 by proclamation number 41/1993.

Following this, proclamation No 94/1994 repealed the articles with the provision of forestry part and allows wildlife conservation alone to continue as an authority. The right and obligation of the Ministry of Natural Resource Development and Environmental Protection Transferred to Ministry of Agriculture by proclamation No 4/1995.Proclamation 120/1998 transferred duty and responsibility of Wildlife Conservation Authority to Biodiversity Conservation and Research Institute. Proclamation No 120/1998 amended by proclamation 167/1999 and this gave the Wildlife Conservation Organization to continue its functions as an authority again.

Proclamation 380/2003 transferred all its duty and responsibility to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Eventually the Ethiopian wildlife Conservation Authority(EWCA)is established pursuant to proclamation No. 581/2007. Since it's inception EWCA has been dedicated on the active participation of the common unity surrounding the park and other protected areas for wildlife conservation

Accordingly to the regulation, EWCA administer the Following 10 national parks and 2 sanctuaries. these are the Simien Maountains National Park,Bale aountains National Park, Awash National Park, Nech Sar ational Park, Gambella National Park, Alatish National Park, Kafta Shiraro National Park, Geralle National Park, Omo National Park, Abjata Shala National Park, Senkele Swayne's Hartbeest Sanctuary and Babille Elaphants Sanctuary.