The Council of ministers has approved seven draft regulations providing for the designation of six national parks and a sanctuary. 

The Council approved the seven draft regulations in its 75th regular session held on 17th of October 2014.

The decisions passed by the Council with regard to the regulations underlined the need to follow up the issues of national parks and wildlife seriously and ensure the compatibility of the designation of the district where in the protected areas are located.

The seven protected areas for which the Council has approved the designation through regulations are: the Awash National Park, the Bale Mountain National Park, the Gambella National Park, the Kafta-Shiraro National Park, the Simien Mountains National Park, the Alitash National Park and the Senqelle Hertebeests Sanctuary. The decision passed in this regard shows the extent of the emphasis the Council of Ministers extended to the protection and sustainable development of the wildlife and their habitat.

It should be noted that the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has been exerting efforts to implement the Wildlife Conservation Policy and the Proclamation to provide for the Conservation, Development and Utilization of the Wildlife, since its establishment.