Change Management and Implementation

The Change Management and Implementation director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

    The establishment of the new work methods improvement system demands the existence of an autonomous body that follows up & enhance the implementation of the new system.
    Based on this fact the change management directorate was lately included in the institution’s structure being accountable to the General Director with the following responsibilities:

    1. Timely follow up of the interrelation & interaction of the core processes & the supporting Directorates in the implementation of the Business Process Re-engineering/BPR
    2. Monitor & evaluate the performance of the work processes in satisfying the internal & external customers through the new work methods improvement system.
    3. Assess the preparation of change management plan, its implementation & the documentation of the achievements.
    4. Facilitate the exchange of experiences between the work processes.
    5. Prove that the strategic issues are contributing to the success of the institution’s vision, mission and objectives.
    6. Prepare forum & discussion points for stake holders at the institution level & monitor the execution of the resolution & also use customer feedbacks for continuous improvement.
    7. Make sure that the work process objectives are aligned with the institution’s objectives & cascaded to the teams & individual performers as well see weather they are using the appropriate measurements & measure their performance timely.
    8. Check weather transparency, accountability & equity system & the implementation of measures based on feedbacks.
    9. Monitor the application of customer feedback system & the implementation of measures based on feedbacks.
    10. Identify the change innovators in the institution & drive the system for its adequate & sustainable implementation.
    11. Make sure that the implementation of balanced scorecard system is at the required level of performance.


    Getachew Mekonen
    Change Management and Implementation Directorate Director.

    Tel: +251-115-502875, +251-911382160(Mobile)
    Fax: +251-115-546-804

    P.O.Box 386