Gender and Youth Affairs

The Gender and Youth Affairs director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Gender Affairs directorate is accountable to the Ethiopian wildlife conservation authority.
  2. It shall monitor, follow up and design ways of implementing the national women’s affairs policy effectively in accordance with power and duties of the authority.
  3. It shall create favorable conditions for effective implementation of the policies of women’s affair issued by the government in the authority and closely monitor their implementations.
  4. It shall represent the authority in various women affairs;
  5. It shall encourage women in the authority to make active participation in various activites.
  6. It shall organize different experience sharing mechanisms among other women affairs organizations & self organized women.
  7. It shall monitor the full participation of women in training, promotion & decision making in their organization, and shall provide the necessary support for their implementations.
  8. It shall monitor women’s participation in the organization and help raising their capacity to express their problems.
  9. It shall monitor and asses the proper treatment of gender issues during the preparation of plans, studies, & research and shall ensure that the necessary amendments are made.
  10. It shall asses whether the policies, programmes, or development plans are issued in gender streaming.
Ayelech Gugesa
Gender and Youth Affairs Directorate Director. Email:, Tel: +251-115-502-875(Office)
+251-911-787-619(Mob.) Fax:. +251-115-546-804