Human Resource Development and Administration Directorate

The Human Resource Development and Administration director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Based on the organizations strategic plan, prepares annual plan of the directorate. And make follow up, coordinate and evaluate its performance and make sure performance process are prepared
  2. Prepare balanced score card of the team and clearly state goals and targets as well as discuss them with members of the team and confirmed team charter is signed
  3. Follow up the performance process and be a center in performance relation with other directorates and in due process identify gaps or those which need improvements and made them to be changed when necessary
  4. Make periodic meetings with the leader of the institution and the team to discuss and find out solution on those matters which require decisions and make sure the directive given by the director general are performed accordingly
  5. To give technical support so that the team member performance would be higher and motivate them; provide educational training to them as well as make sure they are rewarded fringe benefits and work equipments are satisfied
  6. To organize virtual teams when necessary
  7. Make sure policies directives, procedures and manuals are prepared in the directorate which are made by participation of customers and other stake holders and distributed to them and make follow up of their applications
  8. Make sure the process has integration and interfacing with other process and work together to confirm the existence as well as grievances aroused from all stake holders are addressed

KInfe Zelalem

Human Resource Development and Administration Directorate Director.
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