National Flag Day

National Flag Day Celebrated

Employees of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority have celebrated the National Flag Day on 1st November 2014.

The day was celebrated in the presence of the Director General of the Authority H.E. Ato Dawud Mumme and the directors of various directorates of the Authority.

On the occasion, director of the Public relations and Information Directorate, Ato Zerihun Zewdie, has presented a paper on the values of the Ethiopian flag in which he underlined that beside its symbolic value, the national flag contributes to the efforts of mobilizing the public around an objective.

In this regard, he said, celebrating the Flag day enables us to reach consensus and rally beside the government in the efforts being mage to promote development in the country.

Mean while, employees have exchanged views on the presented issues. Director General of the Authority, H.E. Ato Dawud Mumme who chaired the discussion, said that the Flag Day is a day on which we show reaffirmation to intensify our participation in the developmental endeavor as well as discharging our institutional duties ever than before.

At the end of the occasion, the employees have sung the national anthem of the FDRE. The occasion was organizes by the Public Relations and Information Directorate of the Authority.