‘Dolo’ Relocates to Born Free Wildlife Center

By Leulseged Nigussie

A lion, the so called Dolo, which is inherited from illegal wild animal dealers from around Dolo ado area, in Somali region, and has been living in Awash National Park for the last four years transfers to Born Free Foundation’s wildlife center on March 23, 2011.‘Dolo’ the lion in his new cage at Born Free wildlife center ‘Dolo’ the lion in his new cage at Born Free wildlife center
On the occasion organized by Born Free Foundation and held on its center on March 24, 2011, one of the founders Virginia McKenna says, Born Free Foundation Ethiopia is established on 2007 having the purposes of supporting Rescue, Conservation and Environmental Education projects in the country. The transfer of Dolo is a unique job that is done in our Rescuing experiences, adds the founder. The founder thanked her colleagues, Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, other institutions and different personalities for the successful transfer of Dolo. Dolo has been staying in an unsuitable conditions living in one meter wide fence, poor health conditions and unnatural environment, says Virginia.

‘Dolo’ the lion in his new cage at Born Free wildlife centerVirginia McKenna opening the occasionBut now he has a 250 meter wide living area with a house for resting at night and open place for moving around at days, tells Born Free Foundation’s Deputy Project Director Ato Bereket Girma.
His health condition is good now and it will be better in the coming times as he is going to adopt the environment, explains Project Director of Born Free Mr. Stephen Brand.
We are told that there is also a lioness called Safia in the center but it was not put to be seen at the day we were there for some reason.
We observed cheetahs, Apes, a Gelada Baboon and tortoise in different parts of the center’s compound.
The program is attended by different personalities including, Ukraine’s Ambassador in Ethiopia, Born Free staff, some EWCA staff and other distinguished guests.