Want to hunt in Africa?

-Participate in our survey, and share your views on trophy hunting in Ethiopia.

HUNT conducts a survey among international sport hunters with an interest in hunting in Africa, aiming to identify the factors that attract foreign hunters to Ethiopia. Insight into these factors will help us to improve conditions for hunting tourism in Ethiopia. This will ultimately benefit not only the national economy, but also wildlife populations in Ethiopia, as trophy hunting can provide an incentive to protect nature and wildlife for the future.

Summary results from this study will be passed on to the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority – that is, the governmental organisation that provides the legal framework and sets hunting quotas – relevant regional government agencies, and the Professional Hunters’ Association.

All hunters with an interest in hunting in Africa (whether you’ve been to Africa or not) are kindly invited to participate!
Simply download the survey as a word document, and email your completed questionnaire.

You can get the full story on http://fp7hunt.net/Home.aspx.