Gambella National Park was Presented on an International Stage.

By Lakew Berhanu

Gambella National Park was presented on an International Stage.The 10th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CMS [COP10] was held between 20-25 November, 2011 in Bergen, Norway. Ethiopia was represented by the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority as a signatory to the convention. The Ethiopian Delegate was led by Dr Kifle Argaw Director General of Ethiopian wildlife Conservation Authority. The other members of the delegate were Ato Lakew Berhanu coordinator of SDPASE (Sustainable Development for Protected Area System Ethiopia) and Cherie Enawgaw Senior Conservationist from the same institution. The delegates participated in the plenary and did a presentation on the phenomenal wildlife migrations which takes place between Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, Boma National Park and Gambella National Park respectively. The presentation was made at a side event which documentary film entitled on the White-Eared Kob Migration was entitled Gambella's Hidden Treasures. After the film there was a question and answer session towards Gambella treasure. The side event was reported by the CMS media during that day as one of the best activities and even the organizers went to have the film again to be shown in a plenary session.
On top of the film, Ethiopia did a request to the whole house in the plenary that CMS should assist member states in conserving these magnificent resources including the Gambella and Boma Migrations, which is the second Mammal Migrations in Africa.