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The Authority Signs MOU with the Ethiopian Foot ball Federation, EFF

(By Almayehu Hailu)

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, EWCA, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethiopian Football Federation, EFF, to promote the unique wildlife resource of the country, on November 5, 2013.

On the day’s program that was held under the major theme: “The Walias Need a Home!”, at the German Development Cooperation conference Hall, Acting Director General of the Authority, Ato Kahsay put forward that “Our national team which is currently drawing the attention of the whole world is the one that builds the good image of the country and brings a national consensus.” He added, “As the country is endowed with rich natural resources, especially in its composition of the bio-diversity, the availability of the wilderness-both in flora and fauna- has got  higher economic, social and environmental  values other than building an image. “Thus,” he remarked, “Our very tactful national team, the ‘Walia,’ could play a significant role in promoting both the unique wildlife resource and image of the country at large, within and outside its homeland. Hence, in terms of building an image plus increasing the number of tourists, the Memorandum of Understanding signed today enhances the joint role of the Authority and the Federation.”

Having explained that the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Authority and the Federation is historical, Her Excellency W/ro Tadelech Dalecho, on her part, went on saying: “The two organizations are expected to work hard with respect to creating awareness on the wildlife and tourism resources.”

In this program, the Walias have put their signature to support EWCA’s efforts in conserving the unique wildlife heritage of the country. Ato Junedin Basha, the Ethiopian Football Federation President, Management members and Executive Committee along with the national football team and coaches were part of the ceremony.

Representatives of Frankfurt Zoological Society, GIZ, and Sustainable Development of the Protected Area System of Ethiopia, SDPASE, and media professionals have taken part in the event.