“Illegal trade a major threat to Africa"

Ethiopian Wildlife conservation authority said the Illicit trade in wildlife is a major threat to Africa. while opening the five day shop which is jointly Organized by the Ethiopia Wildlife conservation authority and the international fund for Animal welfare (IFAW) here is addis, General Director Ewnetu Bilata said “Many species are illegally poached to supply the global demand for luxury and trinkets. This alarming situation shows that all the international efforts and collaborations on preventing wildlife crime should be maximized as soon as possible” James Isiche, Regional Director for IFAW Eastern Africa, on the other hand stressed that with the emerging trends in wildlife crime where gangs have also picked up technology such as the internet and mobile phones with utmost effectiveness and efficiency, the Illegal trade in wildlife, today more than ever, poses a serious threat to the survival of many endangered species in Africa and globally. More than 35 Ethiopian law enforcement professionals are attending a training workshop to provide the necessary information, knowledge, skills and motivation for combating the illegal trade in wildlife species. Officers who are working at the  Ethiopian revenue and customs authority, Defence force, Federal police investigation sector, INTERPOL, Federal First instance court and Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority would attending the training.