Employees Went out for Educational Visit

By Alemayehu Hailu

Employees of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) have made an educational visit to a wildlife rescue, protection and education center, named ENSESA KOTE, located around Holeta on 13th July 2013.

While the aim of the educational visit was mainly to aware the employees about EWCA’s activities carried out to protect illegal wildlife trafficking in collaboration with Born-Free Foundation Ethiopia, partly it was also to allow them rooms for generating their ideas and comments pertinent to the activities being run.

Briefing about the objective of the center, Mr.Steven Brian, the country representative of Born-Free, said “wild animals should leave freely without any threat caused by human beings; thus, the main objective which Born-Free Foundation Ethiopia has been established for is merely to rescue and protect the well-being of any wild animal against any human attack.”   

Speaking on the occasion, where over 90 people and media professionals were participated, the Director General, Ato Ewnetu, overstressed the point that wild animals need much more protection. He also added that compared to the other neighboring countries, the situation of our country’s wildlife conservation activity is quite saddening.” Thus, he concluded,  to walkout of such a problem, it requires a great effort and great job.” 

Chachi Tadese, the authority’s Good-Will Ambassador, on her part disclosed the fact that the first wild life exhibition and festival has been held for three consecutive days(from June 21-23, 2005 E.C),in order to raise the awareness and change the attitude of the society towards wildlife. She also underlined that this is only the first step; and next we are planning to organize a big fund-raising program in which endeavors are to be made to include the diasporas.

Finally, on the day’s lunch program, those co-partners who have labored a lot to the success of the first wildlife exhibition and festival,such as Frankfurt Zoological Society and Wings Education and Media along with Chachi, the Good Will Ambassador, have been awarded with a Certificate of gratitude and honor from the hands of the authority’s Director General, Ewnetu Bilata. 

This wildlife rescue, protection and education center, which is being undertaken on 77 hectares of land, is the home of
various wild animals among which over 30 Tortoises, 9 Lions (of which the two are specifically called ‘Dalga Anbesa’), 7 Baboons, 2 Leopards, a Hyena and Civet cat are the ones to be mentioned.