Ethiopia Disposes Seized Wildlife Products

By Mebratu Hailu

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) disposes more than 12,000 wildlife products seized from smugglers by fire at a place called Degaga in Awash National Park, 235 kms east of Addis Ababa.
The Authority burns 159 kgs of Civet musk, 247 different wildlife horns and horn products, 1,433 Giraffe and Elephant tail and jewelries made of it, 2,874 skin of Leopard, Lion, Bushbuck, black and white Colobus gureza, Hyena, Serval cat, Hartebeest, Phyton and jewelries made of skin, and 6,290 products of various animals’ nails, shells, teeth, bone and skeleton that were kept in the Authority’s store for long time.
A person found in possession of wildlife or wildlife products without having a permit is penalized not less than birr 5,000 and not exceeding birr 30,000 or with imprisonment not less than one year and not exceeding five years or with both based on Proclamation No.541/2007 and the disposal of wildlife products mandate is given to the Authority based on Council of Ministers Regulations No.163/2008.
While the wildlife products were set on fire, delegated persons from Awash National Park and Awash Fentale woreda were in place to observe the desposal process.