Regional and Federal Protected Areas Wardens Trained in Tanzania

( By Alemayehu Hailu)

10 Wardens of protected areas have attended in-service training in Tanzania’s College of African Wildlife Management, TCAWM, from October 5 - November 6, 2013.

During their experience briefing, it was said that the wildlife management practices carried out for a month in Tanzania were extraordinary professional that need to be adapted to the Ethiopian Wildlife management system.

According to the trainees, the topics covered during the training range from the wildlife management techniques, wildlife census techniques, Law Enforcement and Patrol Organization, Capture and Translocation of Animals, Community Conservation, Protected Area Planning, Infrastructure Management, Mapping and Map Reading, Conflict Resolution in Conservation, Tourism Management Techniques, Fire Arms, and Ammunition and Operations to Wilderness Skills.

It was also remarked that community based conservation and collaborative management systems within the Tanzanian National park organizational structure, among others, are the driving forces behind their country’s success.

Ato Kumera Waqjira, the Director of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries coordinating Directorate, stressed that “I understand that the knowledge and experience you acquired enable you to score better results; thus, you, as a professional park warden need to play the leading role.”

Ato Arega Mekonen, the SDPASE National coordinator, has also said, “As knowledge is power, you have to implement it on the ground.”

Three of the trainees are recruited from regional and the rest seven are from federal protected areas.  

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