National Task Force meeting Conducted

The National Task Force established to protect the crime against wildlife and protected areas of the country, has conducted a half day meeting on 1st of November 2014 at Intercontinental Hotel.

The meeting was aimed at discussing the key plans of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority for the 2007 Ethiopian fiscal year and identifying areas of focus with regard to the tasks to be done in the fiscal year.

Present during the meeting were, over 60 participants raised from various federal and regional government institutions and partners' forum for the conservation of the wildlife, who have discussed the papers entitled the necessary, establishment, duties and responsibilities of task forces; the national protected areas on which the task force of the wildlife management should focus this fiscal year; the Authority's work plan of the 2nd round GTP period, and the regulations approved with regard to the activities of the Authority.

The papers were presented by His Excellency Ato Dawud Mumme, Director General of the Authority and w/ro Genet Garedew, Director of Community Partnership and Wildlife Conservation Education Directorate.

During the meeting heating discussion had been made on the noted issues, participating institutions and the forum were requested to assign a member in a leadership or middle level leadership position that represent each of them on regular basis and send the letter of assignment to the Authority shortly.

Meanwhile, it was underlined that training would be provided to the assigned representatives and that the subsequent meeting of the task force will be held next March.