Public Relations and Information

The Education, Public Relation and Information director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Prepares and broadcasts quality articles and press releases that help aware the public about the plan & developmental activities of the organization either in the form of report or interview through mass medias.
    2. Gives or effects clarifications concerning the organization’s opinion by following up issues appeared on newspapers or other mass Medias and environmental and objective conditions by consulting concerned ones.
    3. Publishes and provides publications on various successes in the wildlife sector, worldwide information and experiences based on consumers' need.
    4. .Devises a system that enables evaluation of problems in service giving and taking fast & appropriate measures by creating intimate links with service consumer’s through website.
    5. Creates awareness on current national and global research findings, tourist information and needs along with possible risks that are important to clients in collaboration with mass media institutions.
    6. Receives information seekers about the organization, enables them to access proper information from proper sources, welcomes foreign guests, entertains and sees them off.
    7. Carries out photographing and filming of wildlife conservation activities, makes use of other important information for advertisement services, establishes mini- exhibition center, organizes and directs.
    8. Organizes library, audiovisual, literature and publication sections with proper man power; directs and carries out purchase of books.
    9. Publishes and provides quality and standard posters and advertisements to popularize wildlife and wildlife products that help the country to obtain foreign currency.
    10. Prepares speeches and other orientations for inaugural and other ceremonies the organization participate in by consulting with the concerned official and prepares minutes on request.
    11. Receives written complaints from customers; responds by discussing with the concerned body or investigates and submits the case with possible decision ideas based on the complaint resolving guideline prepared by the authority.
    12. Finds and proposes possible options for improving the working system through identifying areas with repeated grievances and studying their root case.
    13. Creates Networking with conservation areas and concerned regional offices by organizing wildlife development, protection and utilization website at national level.
    14. Analyzes, processes, compiles and provides information based on customers' need.
    15. Compiles and grants access to the information; information on wild animal species, population status, feeding time, reproduction period, behaviour and the like; obtained from wildlife research and conservation areas to users in different forms in the information center.
    16. Effects wildlife information system and transfer based on integration of national and international information structures.
    17. Collects and organizes photos, posters and taxidermy products of wild animals.
    18. Updates and standardizes information.
    19. Designs and submits information administration strategy and plan which make possible effective implementation of the strategies of the authority and implement the same upon approval.
    20. Facilitates conditions to collect, process, compile and disseminate information effectively & efficiently using modern information communication technologies.

    Zerihun Zewdie
     Public Relations and Information Dirctorate Director.

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